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Welcome to New Level Soccer Academy, founded in 2021. New Level soccer academy will be bridging the gap between professional academies and local grassroots football through our extensive range of weekly sessions designed to nurture and develop young players. Our 'NLS WAY' has been developed through extensive research, practice and experience and in situ visits to professional academies in the UK and Europe

'NLS WAY' has been developed to mirror an academy style of coaching with continental elements to ensure players are exposed to both technical and tactical understanding. More importantly, NLS aims to consider the needs of each player and take account of their development stage from a growth, development and maturation perspective and implement the programme to help develop young players and maximise their potential both short and long term, alongside providing a safe and secure environment allowing them to take risks, be creative and feel confident.

NLS academy provides weekly training sessions with coaches who are currently UEFA A/B qualified or working in the Professional Academy system. All are CRB CHECKED, FULLY INSURED AND FIRST AID CERTIFIED.


Weekly games in the Junior Premier League & Termly Games vs Professional Academies.


Regular Pro Club Scouts in Attendance


Player Reviews & Feedback


The academy is based at The Garons Centre Southend, which offers 1st class 3G facilities and premier league standard training equipment that provides the best training & development experience around. There is also our new Futsal centres opening in Romford, Essex and Haverhill, Suffolk.  Lets not forget our exciting new Coerver Centre in Colchester Essex, with more news to follow in the coming months…


NLS mission is to create a professional environment that provides fun, safe and enjoyable coaching that inspires children to become the best possible version of themselves. We deliver this mission with a range of courses and services available to elite players.

We have a tailored coaching syllabus, designed to maximise individual talent and opportunities. All our coaches are UEFA qualified and have extensive coaching experience at the highest level of the game. We provide coaching from ages 3-16 years old for boys and girls.

Start your Childs footballing journey with us and improve your child on their pathway to the 'New Level' 



NLS Academy players know and do what is right, even when it might appear to be difficult to do so. We instill an atmosphere of doing the right thing even when no one is watching because doing this will teach patience, honesty, responsibility, dependability, accountability and caring



Uphold and maintain the highest possible professional standards on and off the pitch



Be open, honest and hard working



We will teach our youth players persistence, hard work, and a positive attitude on and off the pitch. it is our direct responsibility to ensure that our competitiveness does not ever stand in the way of our other core value and to teach our youth players how to be competitiveness still reflect sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and integrity" all while not forgetting to have fun.



Respect everyone. Respect the opponent, the rules, your colleagues and your supporters. Be thoughtful and considerate



Ensure that the needs of the players are at the heart of everything we do



We will promote skill development and team play toward the goal of performing at the highest level possible and instilling a lifelong love for the sport of football in all our players



Rather than holding our players back', we prefer to seek out and support opportunities for our players to receive more touches on the all, more instruction and more opportunity to grow and develop as players and people



Remember that everyone makes mistakes. Apologise when you make a mistake, forgive other when they make a mistake

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